VRAYforC4D 3.5.00 05.07.2017 PRE RELEASE MAC WIN

VRAYforC4D 3.5.00 05.07.2017 PRE RELEASE MAC WIN


this update is free to all users who bought the normal priced V-Ray 3.4 or Earlybird update,
and to all who bought a new license of V-RAYforC4D 3.4. (including a grace period of 1st august 2016)

please note pre-release versions have NOT yet updated icons or banners, the official will indicate 3.501 then


Adaptive lights feature (up to 7x faster rendering- new unbiased Chaosgroup technology for very fast light calculations even with uge amounts of lights)
3.5/3.6 core (extra speed)
New 3.5 V-Ray standard material (heavy optimized new V-Ray Material with new SSS options, Features and layout like the native V-Ray Max Mtl)
New .VrMat(.Vizmat) material loader
New AL_Hair material
New MDL Material (Nvidia Material Format)
New TexHairinfo sampler shader
New TexParticle sampler shader (can sample color, emission, lifespan, velocity, age, opacity of particles like xparticle)
New TexLut shader
New Multishader modes
New interactive lens effects in VFB
New denoiser option for progressive render
Denoiser + lens FX can be used together now
Glossy fresnel option(in new V-Ray standard mtl)
Full Light select layers (for bflc, bfbf, and lclc)
Resume render for progressive and bucket mode(bucket in vfb)
Hybrid cuda rendering (cpu+gpu)

Non official (WIP) features:

V-RayVolumeGrid Rendering: first openVDB cache file support (a first WIP version, full support in 3.6 later this year)
first direct xparticle support (via particle tex, some attributes of xparticles can be read out (more xparicle support coming in 3.6 later this year)

Fixes and modifications:

fixes in OGL
Fixes in colorcorrection cache wrong
fixes slow opening cases with OGL
fixes crash in ipr with dome light in osx
fix in DR c4d shader autobaking support
adapted default settings
fixes up camera moves not updated in soem cases in IPR
Fixes in light preset icons OSX
fixes in V-Ray Standalone creating black buckets on some hardware
Fixes to V-Ray stereo cam
fixes to mp channel/multiple multi matte IDs not rendering in vfb
fixes to vfb saving behavior
fixes IPR uses wrong visibility in cases
fixes to shade map mode and stereo cams (vr cams) and DR
Improved AL-surface Material
improved Stochasic Material with UV channel selection
cuda fixes
very strong displaced surfaces with small details, GGX can produce unnatrual dark reflections in soem cases with dynamic geometry. this is from Chaosgroups V-Ray sdk, you can use blinn or ward BRDF with the option “fix dark edges” option on in that case, or the new Standard Mtl with blinn or ward.
deep output option added in translator tab for vfb saving
OSX coordinate manager guilocking case fixes
updated light tag gui
added options to normal tag (invert/swap seperate channels etc)
fix to reflection sets feature
prepasses now hidden in progressive mode (from sdk)
please note that OSX has no OSL support by the V-Ray sdk yet. Once Chaosgroup adds this to the sdk we add it too of course.
added UTF8 support in 3.5 V-Ray sdk (allows “umlauts” in files and paths for V-ray shaders etc)