Uartsy – Illustration in ZBrush

Uartsy – Illustration in ZBrush


The 5 most important lessons:

Understand the fundamentals of working in 3D and 2.5D
Learn how to sculpt Meats iconic stylized figures.
Gain a solid grasp using HDRI and environment probes in Zbrush.
Learn how to sculpt organic forms and surfaces.
Utilize FibeMesh for your illustrations.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Fundamentals Of Illustration In ZBrush
Learn the basics of working in 3 and 2.5D in ZBrush

Project 2 : Sculpt Your First Prop PLUS Your First Photographic Integration
Learn how to make and integrate your own 3D design

Project 3 : Fundamentals Of Sculpting Meats Meier Style Figures In ZBrush
Watch Meats sculpt in his own unique style

Project 4 : Using Materials In ZBrush
Learn how to use materials and MatCaps

Project 5 : Using HDRI And Environment Probes In ZBrush
Make your work look awesome with HDR Images

Project 6 : Generating Render Passes In ZBrush
Control your illustrations by using render passes

Project 7 : Sculpting Organic Surfaces In ZBrush
Meats demonstrates how to sculpt organic surfaces

Project 8 : Compositing And Rendering in ZBrush And Photoshop
Pulling your work together and making a final illustration

Project 9 : Retopology And UVs In ZBrush
Learn how to retopo and set up UVs in ZBrush

Project 10 : Using FiberMesh For Illustrations In ZBrush
Take your illustrations to the next level by using fibermesh

Please note there are a couple of lessons missing