PSPowertools – Photoshop Custom Tools

PSPowertools – Photoshop Custom Tools


You don’t need to code. Creating a custom Photoshop panel used to be a complex task. Not anymore. With the Custom Tools Panel, you can build personalized panels that feature your favorite tools without having to use any other software.

The Custom Tools Panel is very customizable. You can add and remove tools, use scripts from multiple sources, set the size of your panels to fit your workspace, and identify each script with an icon. You can also make your own icons by downloading icon template.

The Custom Tools Panel is powered by awesome designers and developers. If you are one of those smart guys who like to make Photoshop more efficient, send us a link to your script, and we will share it on our site and inside every panel.

Speed up your design workflow with the powerfully resourceful Photoshop Custom Tools plugin. With this amazing plugin, you can build your own custom PS panels in Photoshop CC 2014+, in just a few seconds!

Load any number of scripts, from whatever source, into the panel builder, and immediately start working more efficiently.

Your workflow will be faster than ever by adding highly functional and efficient tools into your Adobe Photoshop experience.

Compatible with 2014CC + 2015CC and up