Mastering CGI – Surface Collection 2.0 | Texture and brush

Mastering CGI – Surface Collection 2.0 | Texture and brush


This pack includes 60 of the highest quality textures and 76 High resolution brushes / stamps for use with texture painting apps like Mari and Zbrush.
Everything is 4K and manually tiled (tiling based on shots continuity, no stamp used)
The pack includes:

  • Dust
  • Damage
  • Fingerprints
  • Small Stains
  • Large Stains
  • Wipe Marks
  • Dirt Color Maps




 Surface Collection – 2.0

Clément Feuillet is an extremely talented CGI artist who has developed an obsession with texture painting in Mari.  His first texture set was released as a result of him needing high quality surface maps and quickly caught my attention. I’ve been waiting for this second pack ever since and I’m extremely happy to say he has delivered!
His package of surface textures has helped me take procedural material creation even further and as I only share products I personally use, I know you’ll love them too.

How to use them:

    • As glossiness or anisotropy maps, to add realistic surface variations to reflective surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic
    • Bump maps, for something more organic and natural than simple noise
    • Extra detail on windows, monitors, mirrors and other surfaces that require that extra glint of realism
    • Overlays on lens flares and glare in compositing, to emulate a dirty lens (the raw scans are especially suited for this)
    • Mask and overlays to introduce interesting variation in any stage of shading or compositing
    • Source material for alphas/brushes and for texture painting.
    • The brushes provided can be loaded directly into Zbrush alphas or Mari paintbrush masks

How were they made?

The success from Clements first texture pack allowed him to upgrade his camera and equipment and although this has resulted in much crisper textures, the biggest difference this time around is the tiling. Most artists will resort to cloning or heal brushing the tiling away however Clement has hand masked and tiled them manually, resulting in zero quality loss and much more seamless repetition, a key factor in any triplanar shader based workflow.


The beauty with this pack is Clemant has turned the textures into useable brushes for software like Zbrush, Mudbox and Mari giving you complete flexibility over how you use the maps.
Now you can procedurally texture a model inside mari and seamlessly add more specific features over the top with the brushes. The options are endless.

Example Renders