Making Dessert – 2 – Redshift

Making Dessert – 2 – Redshift


This training is an update to the Tea and Cookies training. The training covers fairly similar topics such as modeling, shading, lighting and rendering. The primary difference is that instead of Mantra the training focuses on using the third party render engines namely, Redshift, Octane and Arnold.

Part 2 is available in two variants, for now, Redshift and Octane. This part will focus on lighting ans rendering the scene. However the primary focus is on building all the various shaders required for the scene. We’ll build a majority of the shaders using procedural textures. The training will also cover SSS, displacement and building fluid shaders using absorption. We will also build relatively detailed metal and plastic shaders.

Content Details – 10 Video Chapters (with Audio)

lesson plan – Redshift

basic render and light setup including HDRs
building the cake shader using acombination of noise maps and SSS and ambient occlusion maps
making the Ice cream shader
building the chocolate sauce shader using absorption and SSS
making the sprinkles shader using houdini attributes to generate random colors
making the raspberry shader
building a detailed metal shader for the spoon using a combination of noise maps and scratch maps
making the raspberry strands shader
building a plastic shader for the plate
final render settings