Gumroad – CGSpace Bundle [Russian]

Gumroad – CGSpace Bundle [Russian]

Gumroad – CGSpace Bundle

ALL CGSPACE materials. Lectures, brushes, PSD, kitbash
A lot of lectures from very cool artists + materials + brushes + PSD + kitbash:
CG Space 2 + materials
CG Space 3 + materials
CG Space 5 + materials
CG Space 6 + materials
+ brushes + GIANT KITBASH (obj files for any 3D soft)

CGSpace 2:
Ivan Smirnov – Indestructible Design
Jama Jurabaev – 3D In Photoshop: Tips
Oleg Shehovtsov – Pre-Production Or Preparation For Action
George Redreev – Color As Result Of Light Interacting With Matter

CGSpace 3:
Andrey Riabovichev – Pipeline In Movie Industry
Marat Ars – Rendering Techniques
Ivan Smirnov – Interior Drawing Techniques
Grigiriy Lebidko – 7 Myths Of Concept Art Industry

CGSpace 5:
CG Space 5 Lecture №1 ARPEICH
CG Space 5 Lecture №2 Roman Kupriyanov
CG Space 5 Lecture №3 Oleg Yurkov
CG Space 5 Lecture №4 Maxim Verehin
CG Space 5 Lecture №5 Stepan Alekseev
CG Space 5 Lecture №6 Oleg Shehovtsov
CG Space 5 Marco Nelor – Character Drawing: tips and tricks

CGSpace 6:
Mark Kolobaev – Artist in Film Industry
Vadim Marchenkov – Portfolio
Viktor Surkov – Art Direction in AAA Project
Alexander Dorogov – Animation Class
Anna Lepeshkina – 3D For 2D Artist
Philip Karlov Lecture
Ivan Smirnov – Artist: Development And Career
Denis Pampuha – Lineart: Secrets And Tricks
Leo Hao Lecture
Yoon Lee Lecture

This pack, apparently, does not have some PSD’s and/or other minor stuff (CGS3 partially, 5 and 6 has no psds at all) that is included in single lecture packs on gumroad. But there’s not much I can do about it, so, eh, who cares…